These are the photography tips that you need to know~

The three-point composition method is the least error-prone, and it is the most practical composition method-set your phone camera to the nine-square grid mode (open the grid), and place the person at any of the four cross points when shooting, you can create a beautiful picture.

(Note: When shooting people, it is best to face 2/3 of the blank part, otherwise the picture will appear too crowded.)

The central composition method makes yourself the focal point of the entire photo. The center composition method is very simple, place the character in the middle of the canvas, and then you can shoot various beautiful shapes at will~~

The dichotomous composition method divides the entire canvas into two parts, the center of the character is left or right, highlighting the main character, adding a sense of agility, making the whole photo look lively and natural

Diagonal composition
Diagonal composition is a little bit more difficult than other composition techniques. If it is not used well, it will make your entire photo lose its balance and look strange. But using the diagonal composition well can make your photos increase ten thousand times! ! You are the most agile little fairy!