With a unique perspective to capture all, DJI drone purchase strategy

First choice for entry: DJI Mini 2

Mini 2 is very light and portable. It has a 249g foldable and ultra-light body. It can fly without civil aviation registration. It is very convenient in many scenic spots. Generally, it will not be forbidden to fly. It has built-in FCC mode and can theoretically transmit high-definition images within 10 kilometers. But generally, they have not flown over 10 kilometers, they can shoot 4K 30p HD video, and support 4x digital zoom, the maximum wind resistance level is 5, built-in one-key direct output template, more suitable for a limited budget, the first attempt of a drone And players who pursue portability are the first choice for beginners.

Advanced recommendation: DJI Air 2S

Air 2S has been upgraded to a 1-inch sensor size. Like the Mavic 2 Hasselblad, the 20-megapixel camera has greatly improved image quality. It supports 5.4K/30fps HD video and can be equipped with DJI master lenses, including obstacle avoidance functions, Level 5 wind resistance, with DJI’s current very advanced drone technology, and a battery life of up to 31 minutes. It is very suitable for players who often shoot videos and photographers who have higher requirements for picture quality. This drone can already shoot a very wide range of subjects.

Upgrade option: DJI Mavic 2 pro

As a new generation of consumer flagship aerial photography drones, Mavic 2 pro brings together DJI’s advanced technologies in the fields of flight control, image transmission, and cameras. It has a built-in 1-inch image sensor, a 20-megapixel Hasselblad camera, 1 billion colors, and support 4KHDR video, mobile time-lapse photography, take-off height of up to 6000 meters, omnidirectional sensing obstacles, its weight is 907g. It can already be suitable for small video creation studios, quasi-professional individual users, micro-film studios, and users who need post-production screen color correction.

Immersive drone: DJI FPV

In design, this is a very futuristic racing drone. The future drone warfare may be completed in this way with a high probability, and it can provide the audience mode to experience the fun of flying, but it uses 1/2.3 inches sensor. CMOS image quality is average.