Attention! The DJI Pocket 2 has beautiful new color with matching accessories at present

As we all know, guys, DJI Osmo Pocket has the so traditional black colorway. That was your only option. Then, when the sequel arrived, it came in the exact same colorway.

At present, though, there’s a choice of color! The DJI Pocket 2 now has a white colorway aptly called Sunset White. DJI says the name is inspired by “gorgeous summer sunsets” and includes subtle hues of pink and purple.

Clearly, it will look kind of silly to have a Sunset White variant of the self-contained gimbal camera paired with black accessories. Thankfully, DJI is also launching an accessory package for the Pocket 2 in the same Sunset White. Whereas, this also means that you can’t get the DJI Pocket 2 on its own in white — you need to buy the Combo package which includes the Mini Control Stick, Cover, Do-It-All Handle, adapters, power cable, wrist strap, and sling strap.


Please be aware that this combo is not the same as the Creator Combo for the black model, which includes a mini tripod and wireless microphone.

As for the inside of this stuff, there are no differences between the black version and the Sunset White version. Since the launch of the Pocket 2 last year, though, there have been quite a few software updates. They brought the HDR support, better autofocus, increased tracking accuracy, and more.

The new Sunset White Combo package will set you back $479