Unlocking fails as soon as the hand touches water! The iQOO 8 series completely solved this problem

When we just wash our hands to unlock the phone, if the water on our hands is still dry, it will cause it to be unable to unlock.

This is because optical fingerprints obtain fingerprint information by calculating the different distances between the grooves and ridges of the fingerprint and the collection window. When the finger is sweaty or the collection window has moisture, it will affect the transmission and distance of the light.

As a result, the acquired fingerprint information is wrong with the original stored information, so the fingerprint lock recognition fails.

In this regard, the iQOO 8 series brings a wet hand unlock.

On August 16th, the official Weibo of iQOO mobile phone warmed up the new iQOO 8 series.

The poster shows that the iQOO 8 series will improve on the failure of unlocking with wet hands and completely solve this problem.

Some netizens speculate that the iQOO 8 series may adopt an ultrasonic fingerprint recognition solution.

It is reported that the fingerprint under the ultrasonic screen emits ultrasonic waves through the sensor under the screen, penetrates the OLED screen and glass panel, and is reflected by the finger skin to form an image.

It uses the difference in density between the surface of the fingerprint and the air to construct a 3D image and compare it with the information already existing on the terminal to achieve the purpose of identifying the fingerprint.

It allows users to easily realize the extremely fast unlocking operation whether it is raining, wet fingers or dirty fingers.

The phone will be officially released on August 17.