vivo NEX 5 rendering exposure: four shots without centered disc

Today, the blogger @Shadow_leak released a rendering of the new phone, saying that this is the flagship vivo NEX 5 that will be released in February.


According to the exposed renderings, the design of vivo NEX 5 is very special. The rear module with four cameras on the rear disc is not in the form of a central arrangement. Instead, it is placed on the left, and it is integrated with vivo’s characteristic window design, which looks very recognizable.

It can also be seen from the picture that the vivo NEX 5 will use a centered hole-digging curved screen, the lens module still has the Zeiss LOGO, and the words 50MP GN1, which also reveal its image specifications. The classic GN1 main camera and Zeiss lens will definitely not escape.

According to previous reports, vivo NEX 5 will use a large screen of about 7 inches, the size is comparable to a small tablet, the material is flexible OLED, the shape is digging, the first batch will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8, and the rear main camera will be 50 million pixels. , and is expected to support technologies such as micro-cloud platform.

After 2 years, no new phone was born in the vivo NEX series. Now, vivo NEX 5 has returned to the high-end mobile phone market, and its performance is very exciting.