Vivo’s first laptop is under development! ASUS VivoBook: This is embarrassing

In addition to realme’s upcoming release of its first laptop realme Book, now vivo seems to be committed to entering the laptop field to challenge Xiaomi and realme.

According to the news, vivo is investigating pen computers, investigating consumers in terms of price range, display size and processor.

But what’s interesting is that ASUS has already launched a series of laptops called VivoBook. As the news of vivo’s entry into the field of laptops is true, it is quite curious how vivo will call its own laptops.

The news also revealed that at present vivo has completed the investigation of the smart watch, and the vivo smart watch may be launched together with the vivo X70 series in September.

As for the vivo laptop, there is no news about when the product will be launched. According to the news, the upcoming vivo laptop may come in two styles, which will be equipped with the 11th generation Intel i3 and i5 processors, or both.

It is reported that realme has also taken a similar investigation route. Realme released a laptop survey on its forum website in May, and realme will also launch realmeBook in India on August 18.

It is estimated that the starting price is 40000 rupees, and the starting price of the top version should be as high as 50000 rupees.