VIVO’s mysterious new phone with an LCD screen and 44W fast charge is coming!

With the arrival of new mobile phones in March, various manufacturers have launched their own flagship mobile phones. What is different this year is that in addition to the Snapdragon 888 flagship phone, each manufacturer has also launched more cost-effective Snapdragon 870 flagship phones and their performances are also strong.

At present, Xiaomi, Redmi, Realme, iQOO, OnePlus, and other brands have all launched their own Snapdragon 870 products. Under the condition that the performance is not much inferior to that of Snapdragon 888, they have achieved a super high cost-performance and are well received by consumers.

According to the latest reports, VIVO, which has never launched the Snapdragon 870 flagship phone, will also release a new phone in the near future. At present, the phone has officially entered the network. The internal model is V21184. The certification information shows that it supports up to 44W fast charging specifications.


As for the configuration, it is revealed that in addition to the Snapdragon 870, the phone will also be equipped with a 6.6-inch LCD ultra-high straight screen, and a single dot design in the upper left corner, supporting FHD+ resolution. This configuration is rare in the current market, and the blessing of the LCD screen is bound to make the phone full of popularity.

In recent years, with the popularization of OLED panels, few manufacturers are willing to equip their flagship phones with LCD screens. However, the dimming mechanism and resolution of LCD are better than OLEDs and cause less damage to human eyes. Therefore, it won the favor of many consumers.

It is worth mentioning that a well-known blogger also revealed that the phone is expected to be priced at ¥2,000. With the support of many configurations, it can be described as a cost-effective product with very high competitiveness. It is worth looking forward to.