Wanna take good care of your sleeping? How about try Garmin Venu 2 smart watch

Garmin earlier launched a new generation of Venu series sports smart watches, including the large Venu 2 and the small Venu 2S.

Venu 2 is similar in appearance to the previous generation, but is slightly larger, with a 45mm body and a 22mm strap.

The Venu 2S is slightly smaller, with a 40mm body and an 18mm strap.

Both watches have enhanced battery life. The former has 11 days of use in smart watch mode (8 hours in GPS+music mode).

The latter has 10 days of use in smart watch mode (7 hours in GPS+music mode).

The most important new feature of the two is the advanced sleep analysis provided by Firstbeat Analytics.

It can track light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep phases at the same time, plus movement, blood oxygen and breathing.

Integrating these data, Venu 2 can provide suggestions for improving sleep quality directly from the watch. If it is difficult to fall asleep, Venu 2 can also provide “breathing exercise” to help you relax.


In addition, the new style also adds many high-intensity exercise modes, and there are corresponding animations. For retraining, it can also display the exercises just performed and which muscle groups are used.

Other new features include a “health snapshot”, which records your current key health data, and a “physical age” calculated from true age, body fat, heart rhythm, etc.

Naturally, functions such as smart notification, contactless payment, and music playback are indispensable.