Apple Watch Series 5: The most powerful Apple smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 5

Recommended reasons

  • Apple’s most powerful smartwatch

Product data

  • Ideal phone: iPhone
  • Smart watch styles: 44mm, 40mm
  • Screen shape: square
  • Screen size: 1.5 inches (44mm), 1.3 inches (40mm)
  • Screen specification: 4.41×4.41×2.24cm (44mm), 4.00×4.00×2.24cm (40mm)
  • Weight: 248.1g (44mm), 170g (40mm)
  • Color: black, white, pink
  • Memory: 2GB RAM + 16GB of storage
  • Battery: 240mAh lithium battery
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Processor: Dual-core processor
  • Waterproof rating: 5ATM
  • Battery life: 18 hours
  • Warranty period: 1 year

Product features

This Apple Watch Series 5 has a large memory with stable and smooth operation, it is sensitive and accurate and will not appear the phenomenon of stagnation. The application with the function of monitoring heart rate can present the situation of heart rate to you in an ECG-like mode, and quickly read your heart rate. It can detect the signs of disease as early as possible, which is very suitable for monitoring heart rate for the elderly. When you are in a noisy environment, the external sound is enough to affect your hearing, this watch has a noise warning system, you will receive a thoughtful reminder, reminding you to leave this noisy environment, which is good protection for the ear hearing.

The Apple Watch Series 5 uses the Always-On Retina Display, a 24-hour display that allows you to see the time on the screen at any time. In this standby state, the brightness is low, so it doesn’t affect your sleep and consumes very little power. It is also equipped with a sports monitor, combined with the sports incentive system, to encourage you to exercise actively. More exercise can help you to achieve fitness goals.

The GPS positioning system and the built-in compass can ensure you don’t get lost in the wild. Hundreds of desktop Settings (screen presentations) have many different ways to personalize the style, you can switch at will. The built-in Apple App Store allows you to download various APPS. You can use it to buy air tickets, take buses and take subways, which brings great convenience to travel. You can enjoy the portability brought by this smartwatch. If you use an iPhone, then this Apple Watch Series 5 is the best choice for you!


  • Constantly bright display
  • Noise warning system
  • Heart rate monitoring system
  • Convenient travel


  • Small battery capacity