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Peripheral manufacturer ESR updated the 2021 iPad Pro protective shell products. Through these iPad Pro protective shells, some new iPad Pro design changes may be speculated.


From the picture point of view, there are no major changes in the appearance of the next-generation iPad Pro, but the number of speaker openings will be reduced.

In January of this year, the Japanese website Mac Otakara also mentioned that the number of openings for the new iPad Pro speakers will be reduced by two-thirds.

According to the information of the ESR protective case, each speaker opening of the 11-inch iPad Pro has been reduced from 13 to 8 or 9. Each speaker opening of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro has been reduced from 17 to 11 or 12.


The new iPad Pro will still have a 4-speaker stereo design, with two more on the top and bottom. In terms of configuration, the new iPad Pro may be equipped with the A14X chip, which is similar in design to the M1 chip.

According to the previous statement, the main changes of the 2021 iPad Pro (12.9-inch is the fifth generation, 11-inch is the third generation) mainly focus on the hardware configuration, including the mini LED display, the faster 5nm A14X processor, and the first support of 5G network for the cellular version.