Reminder: iPad Pro is not much necessary for ordinary people

It is a kind reminder that the iPad Pro is still a prudent choice for ordinary people.

I was a person who bought the iPad Pro last year, looking forward to what I can do with it, but actually, it is more entertaining. The most used is video and browsing, and these do not actually need to be upgraded to Pro. At this level, the regular version is enough.

The iPad OS’s support for the keyboard and mouse gives it a certain amount of office work capacity, but the capacity is limited, and in order to be more convenient to use, it has a large 12.9 screen. 11 inches is too awkward to use.

Later, after the M1 conference, I quickly made a move and bought the M1 Mac. It satisfies my use of watching TV shows and browsing and has stronger office capabilities.

iPad Pro is more suitable for design friends. It is really good to use Apple Pencil to draw illustrations.

So, what do you think?