What is the experience of photographing Hong Kong in Shenzhen? VIVO X50 Pro brings the answer

For a long time, the VIVO X series mobile phones have been known for their high appearance and excellent image performance. For example, the VIVO X50 Pro has been favored by many consumers by virtue of these advantages after its release. In actual use, this phone has brought a lot of surprises to people! Its exquisite, thin, and light design makes people feel comfortable to use, and the powerful camera performance is also very satisfying. It is worth noting that this phone not only has excellent imaging performance in ordinary environments but also outstanding in telephoto shooting! It supports a 60x superzoom, and it can be measured in Shenzhen to photograph buildings in Hong Kong.


Now that mobile phone photography has become a high-frequency rigid demand for users, consumers always prefer mobile phones with excellent camera performance when buying a phone. The VIVO X50 Pro’s camera performance is very good, this is because it is equipped with a powerful camera module and built-in a number of excellent camera algorithms. The rear camera module of this phone is composed of four cameras. The main camera uses the IMX598 custom sensor and the uniquely researched micro-head from VIVO, which not only has strong resolution but also has excellent anti-shake performance. In addition, its other three cameras also have their own characteristics, which can easily cope with different shooting environments.


Real shot proofs are the best way to judge whether a mobile phone’s image performance is strong or not! The following is a sample taken by the VIVO X50 Pro. You can see that the sample picture is very clear, the light and dark transitions in the picture are very natural, and the colors are very rich. Not only that, but the details of this sample are also very well preserved. The ripples on the water and the textures on the nearby stones are clearly visible. What’s rarer is that the layering in this sample picture is also very strong. The combination of stones, lake surface, and clouds presents a vast and shocking visual effect.


During the shooting, the telephoto shooting performance of the VIVO X50 Pro left a deep impression on me. It is equipped with an 8-megapixel periscope telephoto lens, with the built-in zoom algorithm of the phone, it can achieve a 60x superzoom. The following sample was shot in Shenzhen using VIVO X50 Pro, and the faintly visible buildings in the middle of the screen are located in Hong Kong. You can feel that the shooting location is very far away from the opposite shore.


But when the zoom mode of the VIVO X50 Pro is turned on, the picture distance is immediately shortened. After turning on the 60x superzoom, people can even see the window lattices on those buildings. It can be seen that the 60x superzoom of this phone is indeed very powerful.


In addition to excellent performance in the camera, VIVO X50 Pro also has a good performance in terms of performance and battery life. This phone has a built-in 4315mAh large-capacity battery, with a low-power consumption processor and other hardware, which can effectively extend the battery life of the phone and meet the daily needs of users. It can be seen that the VIVO X50 Pro is indeed an excellent image flagship phone without obvious shortcomings!