What the iOS 16 and Android 13 updates will bring to your phone?

Apple announced the next version of its operating system for ipones-iOS16, which will be coming to phone (ipone8 and above) likely in September. Similarly, earlier this year (March, to be precise), Google also announced Android 13, the next iteration of Andriod, an operating system running on most non-Apple smartphones. According to the given information, consumers also need to consider the different phone systems when they decide to purchase a new smartphone.

The mobile phone system has ushered in a very big change. On the one hand, the function has undergone great changes, and on the other hand, the fluency has almost maintained a very high level. It can be said that there are almost no cards in mainstream systems. Stuttering and frame dropping problems occur.It is wrong to say that ios looks great or Andriod has better looks because it is a personal preference.


The upgrade of Android 13 will change a lot, and the fluency will be improved. The upgrade points will be optimized around privacy and security, underlying fluency, and folding screen devices. When Android users experience daily use, they can still feel the difference, which is the advantage of this system upgrade.

On user privacy, Google says it will give users more control over what data can be shared with third-party apps. In the next version of Android, users will also be able to choose to have apps only access specific photos instead of the entire phone’s photo gallery.

It is worth to mentioning that, Google’s Wallet app is catching up with Apple. In this May, Google rebranded its digital payments app as Google Wallet, embedding a wallet shortcut in the Android lock screen. The company also plans to expand Google Wallet’s use cases beyond credit cards to include documents such as boarding passes and movie tickets.

Further more, Google is building a technology called Rich Communication Services into its Messaging app, allowing it to send high-resolution images and large files, and also let people create group chats, like most modern social media.


At the same time, Apple is also making changes to iMessage so that iPhone users can re-edit and recall sent messages. This is a feature people have wanted for years.

The lock screen interface of iOS16 has Google’s Wallet app is catching up with Appleindeed changed a lot, and the official said that it was inspired by the dial layout style of the early Apple Watch, but in fact the widgets, time fonts and pop-up message settings of the main page are very close to Android.

However, the fluency of the iOS system has always been very strong. Even if it is still in the testing stage, the advantages of iOS16 are still gradually showing, and it has also brought various updates.
Therefore, the iOS system will not be left behind. At present, iOS16 has been tested with multiple beta versions. Although it has not really stabilized, it will not be too long.

In conclusion

As a whole, the new version has a lot of changes in function, so the public praise after release will be critical. This is good for users because competition will make progress.