Why is Meizu 18 more expensive than Xiaomi 11?

It has been a few days since the Meizu 18 series went on the market. I still remember the scene when the Meizu 18 series announced the price, and the barrage was almost maxed out by netizens. And these bullet screens are nothing more than Meizu is expensive. Compared to Xiaomi 11’s price, the Meizu 18 series’s price is indeed a bit unacceptable. However, I feel that although Meizu is more expensive than Mi 11, it is still worth buying. 


First of all, there is a big difference between the positioning of Mi 11 and Meizu 18. Mi 11 is a flagship machine with a more balanced performance, which is more suitable for the public. Although Meizu 18 is also the flagship, this mobile phone seems to be built for the small screen users pursuing performance. This can be seen from the Meizu 18’s screen. Meizu 18 is equipped with a 6.2-inch AMOLED center-dot display, which is not common in the current full-screen era.


At the same time, Meizu 18 has not cut the quality of the screen because the screen is too small. Meizu 18 is not only equipped with the latest E4 material but also has a resolution of 2K. The 120Hz screen refresh rate is also not absent. The most exciting thing is that this phone is also equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, which are the advantages of Meizu 18. If you have to find a problem with the Meizu 18 screen, I am afraid that should be the 120Hz refresh rate and 2K can not be turned on at the same time! In addition, the thickness of the Meizu 18’s body is also very thin and only 8.18mm, which is still very consistent with the positioning of the flagship machine.


The camera configuration of this phone is also in place. I won’t emphasize too much about the pixels. Obviously, it is not as high as the 100 million pixels of Mi 11, but the 64MP triple-camera module of this mobile phone is still pretty good. Meizu 18 is equipped with a new generation of SMA optical image stabilization system, the effect is aside, but the cost is definitely higher than ordinary optical image stabilization. In addition, here is the camera configuration of the Xiaomi Mi 11. Although the anti-shake effect is not as advanced as that of the Meizu 18, the anti-shake effect is still remarkable, and the image quality is also very good.


In terms of configuration, there is not much difference between the two phones. They are both the iron triangle combination of Snapdragon 888+LDPPR5+UFS3.1. Moreover, the Meizu 18 series is also very good in details with linear motors and dual speakers. The battery capacity of 4000 mAh does not seem to be high, but it is also impeccable in the thickness of the body of 8.18mm. And this phone is also equipped with 36W full-blood charging power, and the charging speed is not slow with the 4000 mAh battery.

Having said that, even if there is a price difference between Xiaomi Mi 11 and Meizu 18, there is not much comparability, and there is no question of whether it is worthwhile. The audiences of the two phones are different, and the configuration of Meizu 18 is very hard-core. And users who buy Apple mobile phones never choose Android, and users who are used to Android are not interested in Apple, right?