Will Android be replaced? Google’s Fuchsia OS will be officially launched!

A Google’s new intelligent system Fuchsia OS, which has been hailed as likely to replace Android, has been several years since the news came out.

Until recently, Google finally officially launched Fuchsia OS, a new smart product operating system to the market.

Google has confirmed that Fuchsia OS will push the system update to the first-generation Nest Hub smart display released in 2018.

It is reported that the Nest Hub function after updating Fuchsia OS will not change, but the bottom of the system will be changed from the Linux-based Cast OS to the independent Fuchsia OS.

Fuchsia OS was released in 2016 as early as 2016. At that time, only a brand new UI was presented. It was learned that the system will be used in Google smart home devices and Chromebooks.

As for mobile phone products, although it was previously reported that it will replace Android within 5 years, there is still no definite information on what has been seen so far.

Beginning last year, various signs indicated that Fuchsia OS will conduct internal large-scale testing. After the test went smoothly, Google officially opened the project to external developers at the end of last year.


Until last month, a Bluetooth list showed that Nest Hub was running “Fuchsia 1.0”.

After several years of development, Google announced that it will push Fuchsia OS to users of the original Nest Hub smart display within a few months.

It means that the system is quite complete and can provide services for personal devices.

Although Fuchsia OS has been launched, Google has not yet announced that Fuchsia OS will replace Cast OS. This push does not rule out a small-scale attempt.