Google introduces a feature that diagnoses skin conditions by taking pictures

We are currently excited in several foreign media about a new feature from Google that can be used as a tool for our health checks. Google has added a new feature to Google Search that allows its users to take pictures of their own skin and let the AI ​​process that whether we are at risk for disease or not at all.


Honestly, this feature is very useful for the current generation. Moreover, the main reason Google adds such a feature is due to the fact that more than 10 billion people search for various skin diseases in a year. Therefore, to make it easier for its users, this technology has been introduced to make it easier to use. Google itself said that they had tested it internally for a while before it was released, and will continue to be developed in the future.

For how to use it ourselves, we only need the Google Search application and then take the image of the skin itself. After that, answer some of the relevant questionnaires. Then the system will have a feasibility analysis to tell as a whole what skin diseases we have. Of course, this information is a combination of statistics and probability.


However, Google also does not deny that there are some answers that do not suit your body’s condition. And not all answers can be received correctly. Because Google itself makes this feature an initial stage for risk assessment. Currently, the AI ​​feature that diagnoses skin conditions is only available in some countries. And it is possible that it will be released globally in the near future.


Actually, this is also a breath of fresh air for smartphone users. The problem is that if you look for skin symptoms on Google search it might be a little confusing. Moreover, the skin condition of each person is different, those who wanted to heal earlier are getting worse. Now with AI that diagnoses skin conditions through photo shots, at least this can help us in matching the skin and the type of disease. But it’s not 100 percent perfect yet. Google itself is still developing this AI feature.

Technology has gotten more advanced, Who knows if you have an opinion about this feature, just comment below.