Will Xiaomi Mi Mix 5 use this tech? Xiaomi is developing a high-resolution front camera under the screen

Some time ago, MIX 4 introduced an under-screen camera for the first time, which achieved a true full-screen effect without the aid of a mechanical structure and a secondary screen on the back.

At the same time, thanks to Xiaomi’s 500 million research and development, the screen fineness of the front camera area and the proactive shooting effect have been improved, and it is also the best under-screen proactive model on the market.

But unfortunately, due to the current technological level, Mi MIX 4 has not been able to achieve a true full-screen effect while bringing an ultra-high-quality screen like the one used on Mi 11 Ultra, which cannot be proactively taken under the screen. At the same time bring high-resolution display effect.

However, according to the latest news from well-known bloggers, Xiaomi’s next-generation flagship is developing a customized high-resolution screen proactive specification that can achieve a more refined screen effect of MIX 4.


Perhaps it can be up to 2K level resolution, the same level as ordinary mainstream flagships.

At that time, the effect of under-screen proactive is bound to be more mature, and there is no need to make a choice between screen quality and screen form, which will greatly promote the popularization of under-screen proactive.

In addition, according to the latest news, the current 200W wired fast charging of mobile phones has been planned in advance, and mass production is expected to be realized next year.

In view of the fact that Xiaomi has previously disclosed a 200W wired fast charging solution, combined with the technical positioning of the MIX series.

Then this super fast charging technology will most likely be carried by Mi MIX 5, which is worth looking forward to.