With magnetic S Pen and 3 screens, Samsung will release the ultimate foldable phone

Samsung seems to be working hard on various types of foldable devices. Last week, we heard about a possible tri-folding tablet that the South Korean company might be working on. Now, another unique Samsung foldable has appeared in a patent secured by the firm.

Spotted by patent hunters, the 52-page document is titled “Foldable electronic device including electronic pen.” It shows a double folding phone that consists of three displays. Samsung also calls it a “multi-foldable device” in the patent documentation.


When the left and right screens of the phone are folded, they lie on top of the center screen so you can easily open and close the device. But, Samsung seems to be exploring the possibility of both outward folding and inward folding designs. Both variants are shown in the patent images

Magnetic Samsung S Pen with high-speed charging


Samsung has also imagined a magnetic S Pen for this patented foldable phone. The stylus fits in a small recess between the two side folding displays. The patent notes that as soon as the S Pen clamps down in place, a high-speed charging mode comes on to charge it wirelessly.

When the phone is not completely folded, but the S Pen is still stuck to it, a standard charging mode is switched on.

It is also possible to fold the phone fully without clamping down the S Pen in the middle.

The patent document for this double-folding Samsung phone mentions two selfie shooters placed within a double punch-hole. There’s also an in-display fingerprint sensor on board.

Elsewhere, Samsung has imagined a piezoelectric speaker placed under the flexible screen and a dual-camera system at the back.