With Snapdragon 898! Redmi K50 engineering phone is exposed: Equipped with E5 high refresh screen + 100W fast charge

In March of this year, the Redmi K40 series was officially unveiled. As the brand’s most high-end flagship product, this mobile phone made up for the shortcomings of the previous model.

And it is equipped with the Snapdragon 870 chip, which is the highest evaluated so far this year, making the K series one of the most popular products.

As early as last month, it was revealed that some new models of the Redmi K50 series have been filed, and internal development is already underway.

Today, a well-known blogger exposed the suspected engineering phone configuration of the phone. It revealed that the phone will be equipped with Samsung’s latest generation of E5 material OLED high-brush screen, and the display effect will be greatly improved.

In addition, the phone will also be equipped with 100W fast charging, which is expected to be at least 120W fast charging specifications. This is the first time that Redmi’s models support 100W fast charging, and its user experience and cost performance will be upgraded again.

It is worth noting that the blogger also revealed an important piece of information. He said that these two almost top-level parameters do not belong to only one model.

This means that it is not only exclusive to top-of-the-line phones, and lower-positioned versions can also be equipped.

According to previous news, there will still be three models in the Redmi K50 series, including Redmi K50, Redmi K50 Pro, and Redmi K50 Pro+.

If you look at the configuration of this revelation, at least Redmi K50 Pro and Redmi K50 Pro+ will support E5 high refresh screen and 100W fast charge.

In terms of core configuration, one of the three Redmi K50 series phones will be equipped with the Snapdragon 888 chip, while the other two will be equipped with the latest generation of flagship chip Snapdragon 898.