Would the Virtual Mobile Assistant–Samsung’s Sam be real?

Samsung perhaps is working on a virtual assistant replacement for Bixby, called Sam. Most phones these days indeed come with a virtual assistant on board, although some have proven more useful, and by association, popular than others. However, Samsung’s Sam looks set to appeal to users in more of a visual way. That is, if Sam is indeed real and coming to the company’s line of Galaxy smartphones soon.

The two popular virtual assistants are Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Whereas, the Apple’s Siri also has its place, thanks to the large number of devices it is compatible with and accessible on. While Samsung is also working towards a more cohesive ecosystem to support its large number of devices, its Bixby virtual assistant has yet to prove as appealing to users as Siri, Alexa, and Google’s Assistant.


Nonetheless, Sam is still a step-up compared to our current virtual assistants. We might have to wait for official announcements, but if this is the new direction that technology giants will take, I’m living for it.

And for the record: I love you, Samsung, but Bixby and I aren’t working out. And I need to move on. C’est la vie.