Galaxy Tab S7 XL Lite–Samsung’s next affordable tablet is coming

The king manufacturer of the tablet–Samsung expects to expand the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 line with a new affordable model set to arrive alongside an A7 Lite in June. While its name was previously thought to be simply the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite and then later the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Lite, the new file sourced by SamMobile reveal that it’ll actually be dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 XL Lite.


Regarding the name of it, it’s a little unwieldy, but not illogical. Samsung appears to have reserved the Plus branding for products that offer a little more in terms of overall feature set, with the XL here referring to the size of the tablet. It’s keeping the Lite to signify that it’s a toned-down version of the Galaxy Tab S7. While the end-result is a bit of a mouthful, it makes sense as an option.

Just like its siblings, the Tab S7 will be a handsome device. It’s not likely to be a powerful one though. It’s coming with a Snapdragon 750G, 4GB of RAM paired with expandable 128GB of storage. Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi 5, and 45W fast charging via a USB-C port wrap up the rumored specs.

There are no details have been leaked yet when it comes to pricing, but it should be around the $400 mark if its to compete with other cheap Android tablets.