Say HELLO! to fans of Apple! Samsung iTest website provides experience of Android

Samsung and Apple are among the best gifted students in the global mobile phone market, and their competition is fierce.

Recently, Samsung has resorted to new tricks, intending to grab Apple’s fans.

According to foreign media reports, Samsung has launched a new website called “iTest” for iPhone users to experience the Android system. It is necessary to make fruit fans “a try to become a customer.”

Click on the iTest website, there is a QR code in the middle of the screen for users to download the Android system simulation App to the iPhone.

There is also an Android robot on the right poking out its head, winking at the user weirdly, as if asking “Can I know you?” It is very cute.

According to the report, after downloading and launching the app, users can explore on their own or receive a SMS invitation from the app to experience various functions, such as browsing the Galaxy Store and Samsung Camera apps, changing the phone desktop theme through Galaxy Theme, and so on.

Samsung said, “Users can understand Samsung’s ecosystem without changing their phones. Although we can’t replicate all the functions, users will understand that there is nothing to be afraid of switching to another system.”

Although this simulation experience has many limitations in actual operation, it is really impressive on the whole. At present, Samsung only promotes this experience in New Zealand, but the website can be browsed all over the world.