Tips for beginners! How to see the laptop parameters?

How to see the laptop parameters? Laptops also have some experiences that are easily overlooked.


1. Refresh rate

The refresh rate refers to the number of times that the electron beam repeatedly scans the image on the screen. The higher the refresh rate, the better the screen. This participation is very important to friends who have game needs. If the computer has a high refresh rate, it will be easy to play games. Common refresh rates are 60Hz, 70Hz, and 85Hz. Both 120Hz and 144Hz have very high refresh rates.

2. Whether Office is pre-installed 

Of course, it’s convenient to have office on your computer, and it’s more troublesome to download, and it’s a paid download.

3. Interface

We only need to understand that the main interfaces are: USB, headset port, card reader, power port, HDMI, VGA, and DP.

4. Camera

The camera used to be the standard configuration of notebooks, but now some models have cancelled it.

5. Keyboard feel and small keyboard

In fact, this is also a very important experience. Some keyboards feel too plastic to the touch, so you still have to go to the physical store to experience it. The small keyboard is very convenient for friends who need to input a lot of numbers frequently, and many 15-inch and 16-inch notebooks now have it.


6. Keyboard backlight

Very cool features, previous notebooks did not have, now most models have them, and it can also enhance the work experience.

7. Battery life

The 60wh thin and light notebook combined with a low-voltage processor can achieve more than 8 hours of battery life. Friends who often go out and carry it is recommended to choose a thin and light notebook with better battery life.

8. Weight

A laptop of about 1.4kg is the most comfortable weight. There are also ultra-light laptops of less than 1kg on the market, but they are very expensive. 1.8kg to 2.3kg is a bit heavy and low in portability.

9. Noise and heat dissipation

When a notebook is running some large programs, the processor and graphics card need to run at a high speed. It is normal for a large amount of heat to be emitted, and noise is also generated. It is recommended to search for the evaluation when you know the specific model.

10. After-sales

You need to know how long is the warranty period, whether it is a joint warranty, repaired or on-site service, and whether the purchased brand has an after-sales point in your location.