Xiaomi 11 Ultra bad experience!

Share the experience of using Mi 11 Ultra for a week, which may disappoint some Mi fans.

Mainly talk about the shortcomings, because the advantages were explained thoroughly at the press conference and by bloggers on the Internet.


The most important points I pay attention to when using a mobile phone are texture, vibration, and battery life. Obviously, this Ultra is not compatible except for texture. Of course, the consequence of texture is weight. Especially in summer, putting it in my pocket is a torment.

The vibration is also inexperienced due to the weight of the body, and the linear motor loses its meaning. In terms of battery life, it’s really not that good, to be honest. The 5000 mAh battery optimization is almost meaningless. It doesn’t feel intimate at all, but it’s too warm (heating)! This again involves system optimization. At the press conference, I heard how powerful the performance it is. In fact, I know once I use it, this temperature control is still not good.


Of course, I think these shortcomings can be avoided by Xiaomi. The reason is that the two cameras behind it, basically the resources of the entire phone are born for them.

So my whole summary of it is that the biggest shortcoming is the rear camera, and the biggest advantage is also the rear camera!