Xiaomi launches new air conditioners, sweeping robots and humidifiers

The first is Mijia fresh air conditioner, this product integrates fresh air fan and air conditioner functions. Its power is 1.5P, which can reach the new level of energy efficiency standard in mainland China.

The so-called “3D soft wind” effect can be achieved when air is supplied, which can avoid direct blowing to achieve a better experience.

In the air purification part, the device adopts a dual-hybrid turbine system, which can provide 60 cubic meters of fresh air per hour. When the temperature in spring and autumn is more suitable, the fresh air system can also be used alone.

In addition, the machine is also equipped with front and rear high-density filters, HEPA filter elements and silver ion filter, and has a UV-C sterilization lamp and supports high-temperature self-cleaning of the fuselage.

There is a round screen on the front of the air conditioner, which can display the status of the filter element, carbon dioxide concentration and other information.

Then there is the Mijia sweeping robot Pro, this new product is equipped with 3D ToF plus RGB “binocular” module, combined with a quad-core CPU and dual-core NPU.

It can realize “millimeter-level” obstacle avoidance and intelligent recognition of scenes (automatically determine the room type), ground (carpet, floor, marble) and other functions. The suction power of the device reaches 4,000Pa, the built-in battery is 5,200mAh, and the volume of its dust box also reaches 550mL.

Finally, there is Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro. This product uses an evaporative solution with a built-in 5L water tank that can provide 600mL of humidification per hour.

When in use, you can directly add tap water. The device is equipped with a filtration system based on suspended silver ion filter, filter element air-drying system and UV-C sterilization layer.

During operation, it can achieve an ultra-quiet effect as low as 32dB. In addition, there is an OLED screen on the top, which can display real-time water addition in addition to regular information.