Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 screen Leaked: 2K internal screen, luxurious specifications!

According to the blogger, the internal screen of the MIX FOLD 2 will follow the design idea of the previous generation of high screen ratio, equipped with a 2K 120Hz high-brush flexible screen, and said that the specifications will be “very luxurious”.

In terms of the external screen, the MIX FOLD 2 will use a 120Hz high-brush single-sided slightly curved screen to ensure the experience of using the phone when it is folded.

In addition, the blogger also revealed the weight of FOLD 2. It is 8.78mm thick and weighs 203g. It has excellent control over volume specifications among similar products.


According to previous news, the MIX FOLD 2 will adopt a new hinge design, which makes the creases of the inner screen of the mobile phone smaller and easier to open and close, making up for the lack of hinges of the previous generation products.

In addition, the FOLD 2 will be similar to the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra in color matching and design, using a large-area rear camera module, and also has a rectangular frame shape, but the position is placed in the upper left corner.

In other respects, the MIX FOLD 2 may be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus flagship processor and support two-way folding.