Xiaomi MIX4 vs Xiaomi 11 ultra, which one is your preference?

Xiaomi MIX4 and Xiaomi 11 ultra are two high-end products of Xiaomi. A careful comparison of these two products will reveal some interesting details. First of all, the two phones are completely different.

The only similar aspect is the design of the camera: they are all directly raised cameras, but the height of the MIX4 projections will be smaller. Xiaomi 11 ultra adds a small screen, essentially the appearance design is no different.

Both phones do not use a raised integrated camera. Although Xiaomi does not use an integrated camera, the integrated ceramic back cover is also a very rare design. Generally, only high-end products dare to use such a design.

Regarding other details, the two phones are basically different, mainly in:

1.The design of the front screen is different: the Mi 11 series has four curved surfaces, and the upper and lower sides are curved. The MIX4 has curved sides on both sides, and the upper and lower sides are straight. These two different designs lead to a completely different look and feel of the screen. From the screen point of view, Mi 11 is closer to Huawei P40, and MIX4 is closer to the design of OPPO and VIVO, so there is reason to believe that the Mi 11 series is benchmarked against Huawei’s high-end mobile phones, and MIX is aimed at the high-end phones of OPPO and VIVO. It is fighting in a two-way battle.

2.It is also a micro curved screen, the curvature of the two phones is different, and the Mi 11 series is more curved. The curved surface of MIX4 will be a bit larger, which is similar to the thickness of the curved screen phones of OPPO and VIVO, resulting in the horizontal flat area of Mi 11 being larger than that of MIX4. In other words, the micro-curved screen experience of the Mi 11 series is better. Which is the best micro-curved screen currently? It is Samsung’s S21 ultra, followed by the Weiqu of Xiaomi 11 series, and Xiaomi MIX4 is the third place.

3.Different frame width: The frame of MIX4 is wider than that of Mi 11 ultra. As a result, although the screen of Mi MIX4 is smaller than that of 11 ultra, the horizontal width is larger than that of Mi 11 ultra, and the gap is about one or two millimeters.

4.The R angle is different. The R angle of the Mi 11 series is very strange, and the Huawei P40 Pro with the same design is also very strange. This is related to the four curved surfaces. But the MIX4 looks a lot more harmonious, but note that although the Mi 11 series has strange R angles and dig holes, the screen display is great and the area is large. Although the MIX has a full screen and beautiful R angles, the screen display is average. It depends on what you want.

5. Whether there is a rubber ring, and whether it is fully fitted: The screen of the Mi 11 is directly attached to the metal middle frame, and there is no rubber ring underneath, which looks more refined. There is a rubber ring at the bottom of the MIX4 screen. The use of a rubber ring is conducive to maintenance, controlling the width of the gap and reducing the thickness of the middle frame, but it will make two circles of gaps appear at the bottom of the screen, which is not so delicate.

6.Screen width and height: The top and bottom height of Mi 11 ultra is a bit larger than MIX, and the screen is larger and more exaggerated. The horizontal lengths are almost the same. Regarding the screen area, the Xiaomi Mi 11 series is bigger, the larger the screen area, the more comfortable the phone is to operate, and the less accidental touch it is.

7.The display of the screen: It must be that the Mi 11 series screen is good, not only the resolution, but the display effect is not the same level. The CUP technology of MIX4 still compromises the display.

8.The display of Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra is much better than that of MIX4. The main camera and periscope are better than MIX4.


Which one is more beautiful?

Of course, the MIX4 is more beautiful. The integrated ceramic back cover, the true full screen and the harmonious R angle all show that it is an out-and-out beautiful flagship phone.

Which one is better?

The Mi 11 series is more practical, and MIX4 is a product that shows off new technologies. It has made compromises in many experiences (screen, camera). Therefore, please purchase according to actual needs.