Based on Android 12! New MIUI 12.5 beta version has been obtained by Xiaomi Mi 11 series!

Some time ago, it was reported that the Xiaomi Mi 11 model started to push the MIUI 12.5 internal beta version in grayscale and upgraded the Android 12 kernel, but only a small number of users received the update at that time.

According to the latest news from netizens, Xiaomi Mi 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Ultra have begun to receive the MIUI 12.5 21.9.17 internal beta system update.

The biggest change in this update is to upgrade the Android 12 kernel, which is about 3.9GB in size. All internal beta users will receive the update.

The update log indicates that this update is an Android cross-version upgrade. In order to reduce risks, it is recommended to back up personal data in advance.

This update takes a long time to start and load, and performance and power consumption issues such as slight heating may occur within a short period of time after starting.

Some third-party applications have no version adaptation, which will affect their use.

It is reported that Google previously claimed that Android 12 has improved the entire underlying system, which can reduce the CPU time required for core system services by 22%, and the system server’s use of large cores has also been reduced by 15%, which will bring more Smooth and fast response.

In addition, in terms of privacy protection that users are paying more and more attention to, Android 12 has also been upgraded to ensure that users have more understanding and more restrictions on which applications are accessing their data.