Xiaomi Youpin launches a visual blackhead suction device! You can check the state of your pores through the mobile app, and you can use it while watching, so you can decompress without worry!

Xiaomi Youpin has launched a new visual blackhead absorbing instrument, which brings a brand new experience to users!


The visual blackhead suction device can be connected with the mobile phone visual APP to display the status of pores in real-time, while watching and sucking, and relieve the pressure so that the blackheads have nowhere to hide; equipped with a strong movement, 68kPa suction can achieve deep cleaning, using vacuum air pressure Type technology, strong adsorption capacity, can absorb deep blackheads in 3 seconds, saving time and efficiency.


The 30W camera is equipped with macro processing technology, allowing you to enjoy 5 million high-definition imaging quality.


Besides, this visual blackhead suction device is equipped with a customized blackhead export nasal patch, which first soothes the pores and then deeply cleans it, giving the skin a complete clean-up and closed-loop care; 3 gears are suitable for all kinds of skincare, according to your skin type Choose a suitable cleaning mode, caring and safe.


The oval hole and the small round hole tip are made of pure silicone baby food-grade material, which is flexible and not deformed. The 2 nozzles are cleaned separately, bid farewell to dead corners, and give deep skincare. The battery uses a Type-C charging interface and is equipped with a USB charging cable fast charge.



The Xiaomi Youpin Visual Blackhead absorbing device is priced at 129 yuan (approximately RM80) and can be purchased through the official website of Xiaomi Youpin.