Xiaomi Youpin launches visual ear picking stick!

Ear cleaning is one of the basic cleaning tasks of personal hygiene, but unlike washing, we cannot visually see whether the ear canal is cleaned, or where the earwax is.


On December 22, Xiaomi YouPin crowdfunded the bebird robotic arm visual ear pick Note3, which has a built-in 10 million pixel endoscope, which can help us see the environment in the ear clearly, with the tweezers at the front of the ear pick, Can remove the earwax without damaging the ear canal.


This ear picking stick uses a 10-megapixel, 75-degree wide-angle lens to capture images in the ear, and transmits them back to the mobile app via 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi signal transmission can reduce the delay by 50% and maintain a smooth picture at 30fps.


In order to avoid damage to the ear canal caused by traditional cleaning methods such as “digging” and “scraping”, the ear picking stick adopts a dual-purpose design of tweezers. The tweezers with a mechanical arm structure at the front end can directly clamp the earwax and take it out.


To deal with different sizes of ear canals, the machine will come with four sets of ear tips with different functions. Each set of ear tips will have a different color to avoid confusion when sharing with family members.


Besides, the ear picking stick uses a magnetic base, which integrates storage and charging functions, making it more convenient to use. Other basic functions, such as a six-axis gyroscope, skin-friendly temperature control, left and right ear mode, cold light illumination, overvoltage protection, etc. are also equipped.


In terms of price, Xiaomi Youpin’s bebird robotic arm visual ear picker Note3 crowdfunding price is 199 CNY (about RM123+).

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