Worried about getting your ears clean?It allows the earwax to be seen in the ear

Ear cleaning is a simple but troublesome thing. Since you can’t see the inside of the ear, you have to ask others for help or use the ear scraper for blind ear cleaning. It is very difficult to really clean the ear.We’re lucky enough to get a taste of the Bebird Note3 ear pick to see how it works.


In order to see the world inside the ear, the endoscopic requirements are relatively high.Bebird adopts 10 million HD endoscope, so that the field of view reaches 75 degrees, the lens depth of field is between 12-30mm, and the lens focal length reaches 14mm,making the entire ear canal visible.


Another innovation of the ear-picking stick is that it has multiple functions. By putting the ear-scraping spoon on the head of the ear-picking spoon, one can easily pick the ear for oneself.Some earwax is more hard that adhere to the ear wall, which is more suitable for tweezering out, through mobile phone software can easily control the opening and closing of ear tweezers action, which is very convenient.


The design of ear tweezers using electric micro manipulator design, through the point machine control so that the forceps tension reached 150 grams of force, opening and closing angle is 10.2 degrees, the accuracy of 0.05mm or so, still very accurate, it basically can solve the common ear canal foreign matter.


In addition to being able to see inside of the ear, video data also needs to be transmitted to the phone steadily and quickly.A high-end WIFI chip is built into the bebird ear-picking stick, which enables the image transmission rate to reach 20FPS and the working frequency to reach 2.4ghz. The optimization of low latency is 50%, which fully guarantees the efficiency and smoothness of the video picture. For battery life, the small earstick has a 300mAh lithium-ion battery inside, which can last for about 60 days on a full charge.At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency of use, the designer carried out a three-in-one design of magnetic charging base, fixation and storage. The forward plug can be used for quick charging, and the reverse plug can be used for placing the ear pick.


In order to fully consider the ear conditions of different groups of people and solve the ear picking problems such as oil ear, dry ear and large earwax, Bebird ear picking stick provides 4 sets of classic elastic ear scoops, 4 sets of special ear scoops and 4 sets of ring-shaped ear scoops. Each set of ear scoops is divided into different colors so that families can use them separately.


The operation is also very simple, because of the use of magnetic induction intelligent switch technology, open the cover to take out the earstick and it will automatically start up.  In order to prevent overheating, the use of non-inductive intelligent temperature control technology can keep the otoscope at about 25℃, the palm temperature of the fuselage is not higher than 32℃.


It is also very good in terms of the design and feel of the body. The precise anti-skid design of the body can make the grip feel comfortable and avoid accidental injury of ears caused by hand sliding.The otoscope is equipped with 5 cold LED lights to fully illuminate the situation inside the ear.Overall, this is a very good ear-picking stick.