Xiaomi’s new outdoor camera is really too powerful, will you buy it?

According to Xiaomi’s official news, Xiaomi will launch its first outdoor wireless camera-Xiaomi outdoor camera battery version.

It claims to be able to help users to achieve simple installation, and it will be a real artifact for housekeeping.


It has a 130° wide viewing angle, 1080p resolution, supports WDR wide dynamic technology, F2.1 large aperture, backlight, dark light can also capture the details of the picture.

It can also provide night vision at a distance of 7 meters, clearly presenting the situation outside the house at night.


In addition, the battery version of the Xiaomi outdoor camera supports human form detection and intercom voice change.

It can intelligently analyze the outline of the human figure in the shooting area, and recognize the face through AI to determine whether it is a stranger. It can also switch the voice change function during intercom.


It is understood that the battery version of the Xiaomi outdoor camera also supports IP65 dust and water resistance, and can operate normally in an environment of –20°C to 50°C.

Charge it once and it will support a long battery life of 90 days.

This camera uses a new generation of H.265 video encoding technology to save video storage space. Under the same network conditions, with an indoor unit, the connection is more stable and the video watching is smoother.

It also supports three storage methods: local MicroSD card, U disk, and cloud storage to meet the needs of screen storage.