Young ladies’ first choice! iPhone 13 pink version will be released at the end of the year

As the time for Apple’s new product launch in September is getting closer and closer, recent news about the iPhone 13 series has continued to emerge.

Recently, whistleblower Peng Phones released a set of renderings of the iPhone 13 series on the social platform, which shows that the series will be equipped with a color scheme called Rose Pink. The whole body is made of pink. Once the color matching is on the market, it will be sought after by many female users.


Although many netizens liked this pink iPhone 13 very much before, after all, before the release of the new generation of iPhone every year, there will be many unreliable revelations emerge endlessly.

However, the whistleblower revealed in the latest news that the Rose Pink version of the iPhone 13 Pro Max will be released in December 2021.

Based on the currently known news, the iPhone 13 series as a whole will still inherit the design of the previous generation, the back design is basically unchanged, and the frame of the fuselage still maintains a right-angle solution, but the front screen has ushered in a major upgrade.


It is reported that the iPhone 13 series adopts a new hidden earpiece solution, which moves the earpiece to the top of the screen to free up more space for the Face ID component, thereby reducing the area of ​​the notch and the obtrusive area at the top of the screen. There is a visible reduction to the naked eye.

As for the configuration, the iPhone 13 series will upgrade the Apple A15 processor, using TSMC’s second-generation 5nm process, which will not only have more powerful performance but also further reduce power consumption and improve the battery life of the 5G iPhone.