What? iPhone 13 Pro will cancel the 256GB version! Netizen: A bit expensive!

The news revealed that Apple iPhone 13 Pro will cancel the 256GB version, only retain the 128GB and 512GB versions, and add a 1TB version.

As we all know, the price gap between different storage versions of the iPhone is very large. Taking the official price of Apple iPhone 12 Pro as an example, the 128GB version is priced at approximately US$1,300, the 256GB version is priced at approximately US$1430, and the 512GB version is priced at approximately US$1700. The 128GB and 512GB versions of the iPhone 12 Pro have a price difference of about $400.

If Apple cancels the iPhone 13 Pro 256GB storage specification, then for some consumers, it will undoubtedly greatly increase consumption pressure.

Although some netizens don’t think Apple will offend consumers so blatantly, judging from Apple’s past behavior, the cancellation of the 256GB storage specification is very likely to happen.

As early as the iPhone 7 era, Apple cancelled the 64GB version and only offered 32GB and 128GB versions, which forced many consumers to buy the more expensive 128GB version.

In the iPhone X era, Apple cancelled the 128GB version and only offered the 64GB version and the 256GB version.

Apple’s purpose of doing so is of course to allow consumers to buy higher-priced Apple mobile phones, thereby gaining more profits.

It is conceivable that Apple will cancel the 512GB version when the storage demand of consumers is further improved one day in the future.


After Apple stopped selling the 256GB version of iPhone 13 Pro, some consumers with insufficient budgets were forced to buy the 128GB storage version. Because the current Internet content ecosystem is becoming more and more complex and bloated, a large number of social software and large-scale game software will generate huge cache files, and 128GB storage is difficult to cope with the current Internet content ecological environment.