12 creative drinks made by Soju! Drink like this in the New Year!

If you want something different this New Year, you can make your own Korean soju drinking method! It can be made with original flavor soju or fruit flavor soju! Although the alcohol concentration of the DIY soju drinking method will be less, you still need to drink properly!

1. Somaek 

Ingredients: Soju, Beer


1. Pour about a quarter of Soju into a glass. Pour the beer slowly until it is about 70-90 percent full.

2. Then take a spoon and poke it into a glass with perfect accuracy. The bubbles will come out quickly!


2. Yogurt Soju Blast 

Ingredients: Soju, Yogurt/Vitagen

1. Mix the yoghurt and soju in a ratio of 3:1


3. Soju Latte 

Ingredients: Soju, coffee


1. Pour the coffee to about seventy percent full and add 1-2 cups of soju. You can add ice cubes if you prefer a cold drink.


4. Watermelon Soju 

Ingredients: Soju, half a watermelon


1. Cut the watermelon in half. Scoop out the flesh of the watermelon and place it in a small bowl and crush it.

2. Put the crushed pulp back into the watermelon and pour in the Soju.

3. Insert the remaining Soju directly into the watermelon without digging out, so the soju will slowly fill the whole watermelon.


5. Orange Soju 

Ingredients: Soju, fresh orange juice, canned fruit


1. Remove the pulp from the canned fruit and place it in a cup.

2. Add 2 cups of soju and pour fresh orange juice about  70 percent full.


6. Ujjujju Melony 

Ingredients: Soju, Popsicles, Sprite/ Yogurt


1. Add 1 or 2 cups of soju, add the Sprite and fill it about 60-70 percent full

2. Add your favorite Popsicle flavor at the end!


7. Apple Soju

Ingredients: Soju, an apple


1. Hollow out the apple and dice the flesh.

2. Put the lumpy pulp back into the apple and add soju.


8. Pineapple Soju

Ingredients: soju, pineapple, ice, Sprite


1. Cut the pineapple into small pieces and chop.

2. Fill a glass with pineapple pulp and ice cubes, followed by 2 cups of soju and a generous amount of Sprite.

3. Slice the remaining pineapple pulp and garnish.



9. Gojimganraeju 

Ingredients: soju, coke, beer


1. Prepare two small glasses and a beer mug. Pour eighty percent of coke and soju into each glass.

2. Put the two glasses in the beer glass and fill the whole glass with beer.


10. Energizer Soju

Ingredients: Soju, energy drink, Redbull


1. Add 2 cups of soju, energy drink and RedBull into the glass and mix well.


11. Lemon Soju 

Ingredients: soju, lemon, green tea, ice


1. Slice the lemon into a glass, add 1-2 cups of soju and green tea.

2. Add ice and garnish with sliced lemon.


12. Soju ice

Material: soju, ice grid


1. Pour the soju into an ice tray and chill for several hours before removing.

2. Add the ice cubes into your favorite drink.

3. Or put the ice cubes into an ice shaper to make a soju smoothie!