Super easy-to-use projector that is a must for you to buy

This Fengmi smart projector is especially suitable for students and people who are renting a house, and it is not big, very convenient to carry, and most importantly, it looks nice.

Secondly, it has a built-in 16,000 mAh large-capacity battery, which can ensure you take the projector out after it’s fully charged at home.


It’s with an autofocus function, which can be very clear when directly projecting on the white wall.

The interfaces are rich with HDMI interface, USB3.0 interface, and headphone interface, it can be connected to the mobile phone, iPad, computer, Switch, mobile hard drive, and headphone to meet your various needs.

You can use the mobile phone, no matter the iPhone or Android phone, or iPad to cast the screen wirelessly, there is no delay, the screen is synchronized so that it is very cool to watch a drama and watch a live broadcast.


This projector is the same MIUI TV system as Xiaomi. Basically, it has all the various TV and movies you want to watch. You can also watch news broadcasts online. It’s really cool to not have to download other apps to find film sources.

The sound is very nice, there is no noisy sound, and the sound processing is very meticulous. It is really comfortable to watch a movie at home or listen to a song.