You need to know these parameters when choosing a projector, don’t choose the wrong one!

Although the current mainstream TV styles have reached 65 inches or more, projection products that want to have more shocking and explosive visual effects are still useful. After all, the 100-inch screen combined with 4K high-definition film sources can bring you a better sense of immersion. As a home user, if you want to choose a projection device that is more suitable for your use scene, what factors need to be paid attention to? Let’s briefly introduce it below.


For common projection equipment, one of the technical elements that need to be pursued is resolution. The resolution of the projector is related to its built-in DMD display chip, which determines the fineness of image details. For a picture larger than 100 inches, the higher the resolution, the more exquisite and exquisite the picture. The real resolution of the picture is what we often call 4k, 1080p, 720p, and other values. Generally, the higher the resolution of an image, the more pixels it contains and the clearer the image.


Dangbei K1 projector is a projector style with 4K-level high resolution. It uses a 0.47DMD display chip. Through XPR dithering technology, the resolution reaches a 4K level. Even when zoomed in to a 100-inch screen, it can Let you feel the subtle details of the picture, so that every frame of the picture is comparable to a work of art. Support HDR image decoding technology, support global motion compensation technology, 4K high-end projection master products. The appearance is made of aluminum alloy metal material and PC+ABS plastic material, and the aluminum alloy mesh sandblasting process is applied, which is a more high-end atmosphere. The overall appearance of dark gray is quite restrained and can be perfectly integrated into various home scenes.


The 4K-level ultra-clear picture is naturally indispensable with the corresponding high-resolution film source. Dangbei K1 projector has the built-in Dangbei OS, which covers multi-platform film and television content such as Mango TV, iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Ju Sports. It has rich functions, easy adaptation to massive 4K resources, a magic screen, and Viper sound effects. Also, it supports adapting to various game devices to achieve more comprehensive multimedia information interaction. Turn the small screen to the big screen, and play more fun. The control and picture delay in the exclusive game mode is as low as 20ms, which is completely below the perceptible range. Combined with the peripheral expansion and compatible design of Bluetooth 5.0, it will bring you a perfect high-end experience.


In addition to the resolution, the brightness of the projector is also a key parameter of the projection equipment. The brightness of the projector needs to be bright in the high-light area and dark in the low-light area to have a better overall performance. The range of brightness can meet the needs of use under different ambient light. The brightness of a projector is usually expressed in terms of luminous flux, and the standard unit is ANSI lumens. The brightness of common household projectors is generally between 700-3000 ANSI lumens, and the higher the brightness, the better daytime viewing effect. At the same time, it can be zoomed in to a larger picture size without affecting viewing.

Dangbei Laser Projector X3 is a projection product with a brightness of up to 3200 ANSI, which completely brings the ultra-high brightness of the pinnacle of similar products. Even if it is enlarged to a 100-inch screen, there is still no pressure to use during the day. Compared with traditional projection, thanks to the unique laser + full-color wheel technology system, the color gamut is far beyond conventional products and is close to cinema-level standards. The native contrast is more than 3 times that of ordinary LED projections, and the light efficiency of the whole machine is also much higher. Compared with other light sources, it can bring purer picture quality, higher contrast and sharpness, and more vivid saturation. With HDR10+ and global MEMC motion compensation, high-speed motion pictures will not be fuzzy and trailing. In the darker light, even the large and shocking picture magnified to 200 inches is not inferior. It can be said that it is an extremely excellent projector style.


In addition to the screen resolution and ultra-high brightness, the sensitive control, and feedback of the projector are inseparable from the excellent built-in combination. Dangbei Laser Projection X3 has a built-in MT9669 master chip, AI enhancement technology to automatically identify the details of the film and automatically optimize the playback screen. The combination of 3G storage and 64G large-capacity storage makes it easy to install more favorite programs and games. In addition, it can realize autofocus, auto image correction, intelligent screen entry function, and auto obstacle avoidance function. Allows you to be handy when setting up a 200-inch home theater.


When choosing a projector, in addition to the aforementioned resolution, brightness, chip, focus, and calibration parameters, you also need to pay attention to the throw ratio. This is the ratio of the projection distance to the screen size. The smaller the projection ratio, the closer the projector is to the wall, and the larger the transmittance, the farther away the projector is from the wall. Because the size of the room where we install the projector is basically fixed, if we want to obtain a picture of a hundred inches or larger within the allowable distance of the room, we need to perform simple calculations and judgments more than the projection ratio.

Dangbei C2 projector is a small-size projector with a projection ratio of 1.2 to 1. It can project at a distance of about 55 cm from the wall to obtain a large screen of more than 50 inches, and it is placed farther away from the wall. At the distance, you can also get a larger overall picture. The auto-focus design can complete the focus immediately after placing it at random to ensure that the picture is clear at all times. Its measurements are only 82×87×141mm, and its weight is 720 grams lighter than two bottles of cola. It can be held with one hand, easy to carry and move.


Dangbei projection C2 uses a built-in battery design, which can be completely wireless when used. It supports a USB expansion design, which can easily play the content in the U disk. The built-in 16GB capacity can facilitate us to store and install more content. Even if there is no network outdoors, we can easily play our favorite episodes. The built-in 9600mAh high-capacity battery can last for more than 3 hours under medium brightness and medium volume, which can easily meet our needs for watching movies during travel, camping, outdoor, exhibition, conference, or power outages.

In addition to these parameters mentioned above, choosing a projector also needs to understand and pay attention to various information such as product sockets, expansion capabilities, voice control, and intelligent systems. At the same time, the most important thing is to choose products suitable for your purposes according to your own economic capacity and price range.