7 uses of Universal Australian Papaya Cream! It can solve blackheads, inflammation, burns, and other problems!

Lucas Papaw Ointment, a papaya cream with more than 100 years of history in Australia, is very famous abroad. Almost foreign families have one ~ Lucas Papaw Ointment papaya cream has many benefits such as moisturizing, promoting wound healing, lip care, and so on.

The little one is very versatile, but it should be noted that the papaya cream tends to be oily. Those who don’t like greasy touch can use it in small amounts.

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1. Promote wound healing


Papaya cream can be used to treat minor open wounds, it can help wounds heal and soothe inflamed and cracked skin. You can also use it if you have a slight sunburn!

2. Diaper rash


This papaya cream can also solve the problem of diaper rash! Lucas Papaw Ointment has been successfully used to treat diaper rash on the buttocks of sensitive babies for more than 100 years. It soothes sensitive skin and treats rashes while also acting as a gentle barrier to protect the delicate skin of babies.

3. Mosquito repellent to relieve itching and minor burn


Papaya cream can also relieve and eliminate the stinging sensation such as mosquito/harmless insect bites; for minor burns, use cold water to cool the wound and apply papaya cream to cover the burned area. For small burns, using papaya cream also helps restore.

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4. Lip protection


This should be the main reason why girls buy papaya cream! The papaya cream used by even celebrities can be used as a lip balm. Apply the papaya cream before going to bed and you will find your lips very shiny the next day!

5. In addition to blackheads

Method: After cleansing (use warm water is better), evenly apply the papaya cream to the blackheads, massage the stubborn blackheads for 2-3 minutes, and cut out a piece of plastic wrap that can keep the size of the nose and stick it to the nose. After that, if the sisters who have a face steamer can steam their face for 20 minutes, after steaming, lift the plastic wrap and wipe off the papaya cream on the nose with an ear stick. The entire cleaning work is complete~

6. Blush cream


You can apply your favorite color of lipstick on your fingertips, and then add a little papaya cream. After mixing it, you can evenly pat your cheeks as a blush~

7. Anti-acne and anti-inflammatory


If you have new acne on your face, you can also use papaya cream to apply a small amount to the acne, or if it is red acne, it will gradually reduce the swelling and redness.


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