A collection of new color renderings for iPhone 13: Are you sure you don’t want to gather them all?

A recent investment report shows that Apple will release the iPhone 13 series in the third week of September, which will officially debut around September 17.

According to previous news, although the iPhone 13 will not cancel the notch design, it will still bring some significant changes in appearance, such as a smaller notch area.

At the same time, the new color scheme will also be a highlight of the appearance of the iPhone 13.

According to many sources, in addition to the traditional black and white colors of the iPhone 13 series, there is a high probability that two new colors called sunset gold and rose gold will be added.

Although it is a new color scheme, these two colors have actually appeared in previous iPhones. With the confirmation from the supply chain, the possibility is very high.

In addition to these four slightly conventional color schemes, there have been a lot of news about new color schemes in recent times, and some netizens have announced relevant renderings before.

The picture shows that iPhone 13 may increase the four colors of pink, green, purple and red respectively.

Among these color schemes, except for pink which has never appeared before, other color schemes have basically been seen on previous iPhone products.

Based on the currently known news, the iPhone 13 series is still equipped with bangs. Although the bangs area is reduced through the hidden earpiece solution, the overall difference is actually not that big.

It may not be able to bring some new shocks to the market. Apple then chose to launch surprises in terms of color. According to past practices, the market impact brought by the new color matching is very considerable.

In addition, it was previously reported that the high-end version of the iPhone 13 series will introduce high refresh screen for the first time, and will be equipped with an LTPO screen provided by Samsung, which can support smart refresh rate switching between 1-120Hz.

This is also a huge attraction for consumers. After all, the delicate and stable animations of iOS can bring endless advantages on high screen refresh.