Apple A15 processor of iPhone 13 series: Awesome performance score, with 55% GPU growth!

Yesterday Apple released the iPhone 13 series of mobile phones and iPad mini tablets, the processor was upgraded to A15, but only the Pro version has a 5-core GPU, and other models of GPUs are 4-core GPUs.

For the performance of the A15, Apple’s description this time is very confusing.

On-site comparisons at the press conference are the so-called Android’s strongest rivals, claiming that the performance of CPU is 50% ahead of competing products, and GPU is claiming that performance is 30% ahead of competing products, but there is no detailed information.

Fortunately, on the introduction page of the iPad mini 6, Apple gave the performance comparison data of A15 vs. A12 (the previous generation iPad mini 5), with a 40% increase in CPU and an 80% increase in GPU.

How big is the improvement compared to the A14 processor of the iPhone 12 series? Today there are test results. The iPhone 13 Pro was tested, but only the GPU test result. Its Metal score is 14,216, which is 55% higher than the iPhone 12 Pro’s 9123 score.

Combined with Apple’s propaganda, the GPU performance of the A15 processor is indeed improved by quite a lot.

As for the CPU performance, from the analysis of major media, there is basically no improvement compared to the A14, after all, the number of cores and craftsmanship have basically not changed.