A dedicated Dex button has been equipped on Samsung’s new wireless keyboard

Samsung’s Dex platform is probably the most fully-fleshed-out Android desktop solution. With the latest Samsung phones and tablets, you can wirelessly use your device as if it were a desktop computer, with full access to all your apps and files.

Although you can connect pretty much any Bluetooth keyboard to your Dex-powered device, there hasn’t been an official product specifically designed with Dex in mind. That’s changed now, because Samsung just quietly launched a wireless Samsung Dex keyboard.

The keyboard — officially known as the Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 — features a dedicated Dex button in the upper right corner. It also features connectivity keys that allow you to quickly swap between connected devices. For example, you could connect the keyboard to your phone, tablet, and desktop computer. With a tap, you can swap between all three of them at any time.

The Samsung Dex keyboard also features customizable hotkeys that you can use to quickly launch your favorite apps.

For Dex fans, this keyboard is probably a godsend. Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t announced any availability info for the Smart Keyboard Trio 500 yet. As such, we don’t know when or where you’ll be able to get it, nor how much it will cost.