A Fan of Creating GameMan, the Big Game Boy Console

Speaking of portable games, I’m sure everyone’s first mind is Game Boy. This is one of the most popular items in our homes, especially in the 90’s. But in today’s market, Game Boy gaming devices have faded away over time. Nowadays gamers are turning to hybrid devices, such as the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch.


Well, I recently came across an interesting piece of news about a fan who had a funny idea of ​​changing the size of an unusual Game Boy. The name of the console he made was called Game Man, which many people have tagged as the adult version of the Game Boy.

In the video, you can see that Game Man comes with a 5.6-inch LCD screen and a Famicom player circuit board inside, with the back of the device having the exact same cartridge slot as the original version. The device also supports using buttons when pressed. And it has a port for connecting a screen to an old TV. But the person who made this, Grumpy Modeler, has already hinted not to sell this device. Instead, if anyone is interested, you can download the 3D file, buy equipment and try to assemble it yourself at home.


Youtube user, Grumpy Modeler, is a designer from Norway. He indeed often uploads things that smell of his own creation, including aircraft assemblies, toy cars, and the most unique thing is he sometimes uploads his cute cat too.


What do you think about this version of Game Man? Just leave a comment and let me know.