You can play 3A masterpieces without a game console! You need to know these 4 game platforms

1.Google Stadia

The cloud streaming game service “Google Stadia” launched by the technology giant Google was launched in Europe, America and other regions in November 2019.

Since Google has built a large number of data centers around the world, and the geographic distance is close to more players, Google believes that it has obvious advantages over other similar services and is easier to support advanced features.

In addition, the Stadia service is integrated with YouTube and supports the “status sharing” function, allowing players to start the game from the YouTube live host’s storage point, as one of the characteristic selling points.

Stadia supports standard USB game handles. Its dedicated handles connect directly to the Stadia server via Wi-Fi to reduce input delay or use Google Assistant to find game-related videos or information.

2.SONY PlayStation Now

The “PlayStation Now” cloud game service launched by game maker SONY first appeared in 2014.

It is the pioneer of the global cloud gaming platform. At that time, SONY decided to use cloud streaming and monthly subscription to operate, which caused extensive discussion among players.

In the future, many manufacturers such as Google, NVIDIA, and Microsoft will also be driven to enter the cloud gaming market.

3.Xbox Cloud Gaming

The Microsoft cloud game streaming service “Xbox Cloud Gaming”, formerly known as “Project xCloud”, is open to launch by invitation.

It allows players to connect through devices such as Android, tablets, PCs, and Xbox game consoles, providing a consistent, smooth and high-quality cloud gaming experience on all platforms.

It has been tested since 2019, and it has become one of the monthly service items of “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” starting in September 2020, which is included in the original monthly subscription fee of US$14.99.

4.NVIDIA GeForce Now

“GeForce Now” is a cloud gaming platform launched by graphics chip giant NVIDIA, allowing players to instantly play 3A-level games online via PC, Mac or Android devices.

GeForce Now runs the main programs of the game platforms such as Steam, Uplay, and Epic Games on the remote virtual machine.

There are currently 106 games officially supported, including Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Polar War Howl 5, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Watch Dogs 2, For Honor, The Division 2, Star Wars Battlefield Frontline 2 and other 3A games.

There are also well-known independent games such as Dead Cell, Torchlight 2, Stardew Valley, Killing Spire, Edge World, etc., which have a certain degree of playability.