Amazing! The rendering of the digging screen iPhone SE Plus was exposed

In April last year, Apple officially resurrected the iPhone SE product line after a lapse of four years.

4.7-inch screen, front fingerprint, A13, these have become its advantages.

Since then, there have been many news that Apple will continue to update the iPhone SE, such as calling it iPhone SE 3 or iPhone SE Plus.

A few days ago, Apple Lab produced a rendering of the so-called iPhone SE 3, which was partly based on revelations and partly based on conceptual imagination.

On the front, frankly speaking, it is a bit of Meizu 17 or JMGO R2. After all, it is a rare pure white front panel, but the width of the frame is somewhat touching, even if it is unified to the right-angled edges used in iPhone 12, iPad Pro and so on.

In other aspects, the single-hole design, TouchID fingerprint recognition is integrated on the power button on the right, the back panel can be silver, blue, purple, green, champagne, etc., single-shot + LED flash design.

In terms of configuration, the processor selection is uncertain, depending on the launch time, but there is no doubt that it will definitely support 5G networks.

Don’t know how you feel about this design style? How should the iPhone SE evolve in your mind?