Analysis of the classic maps of PUBG

In the PUBG game, if you want to have the chicken dinner smoothly, it’s very important to understand the map. As long as you know enough about the map, then you will have obvious advantages in running poison and battling in the finals. The following is for everyone to analyze the three classic maps in the game PUBG.

1. The Island Map


So, what are the characteristics of the island map for our ordinary players?

Simply put, everything in this map seems to be standard, except for the slightly lower refresh rate of the rifle.

The colorful terrain has created a variety of tactics for the island. Whether it is landing to search for materials and go straight to the center point, or the tactics of slow-advancing at the circle edge, all of them are suitable for the island map. It seems that you can play it whatever you want.

The main features of the island map are:

1. The 8*8 has rich terrain and normal materials, suitable for a variety of gameplay.

2. The vehicle is refreshed normally, and the transfer is convenient in the first and mid-term.

3. The terrain of the finals is relatively open but difficult to transfer, and it is very easy to become a target if the transfer is not timely.

4. The ratio of land to sea is more suitable, even if there is no vehicle, you can run out from the poison.

2. Desert Map

The desert map used to be madly complained about. In the beginning, the map was widely criticized due to poor optimization and unreasonable resource distribution. Later, the official repaired the desert map, and many unfinished buildings were demolished in the extremely wealthy urban area, and several cities were built in the wild, making the land full of resource points.


When playing in the desert map for the first time, you may be attracted by the vast terrain, strong sunlight, and roaring vehicles. Although the desert map is also 8KM*8KM in size, the vast land, and rugged terrain determine the importance of the vehicle. Unlike the island map, if you choose to enter the circle without a vehicle, you will die in the process of running from poison if you are not careful.

The main features of desert map are:

1. It has a single terrain, with large plains and big hills interspersed, and spot selection is important.

2. The vehicles are refreshed normally, the early transfer is convenient, and the mid-term will be restricted by the terrain.

3. The topography of the finals is more complicated and easy to transfer.

4. The ratio of land to sea is deformed, the land is extremely vast, and the vehicle is important.

3. Rainforest Map


On the way into the final circle, there may be four sturdy men squatting behind you at any point. What’s more terrifying is that you never know how many enemies are behind you. Once you chose the rainforest map, your only choice to survive is to fight. As the only small map currently available in 4*4, the rainforest map is a fast-paced map. Normally, it takes about 32 minutes to complete the game on a large map, while this map usually needs only 24 minutes to complete the goal.

The main features of Rainforest Map are:

1. The only 4*4 mini-map, single terrain, dominated by hills, and materials everywhere.

2.  Vehicles are less refreshed and have little availability, which can easily attract the attention of nearby enemies.

3. The topography of the finals is more complicated and easy to transfer.

4. Pay attention to the timing of crossing the river.