Android manufacturers are under great pressure! Apple iPad SE preview: higher cost performance

Apple’s iPhone SE has always been known for its “cost-effectiveness” and is the best entry-level smartphone for many new users to experience the iOS system.

And now, Apple may launch an iPad SE, which is also super cost-effective and is expected to further help Apple occupy the low-end tablet market.

In order to minimize costs, Apple’s SE series often use old molds and cancel some hardware, but still uses A-series processors to ensure device performance.


The purpose of this is to make the product more cost-effective while retaining the most basic product experience.

According to the iPad SE renderings exposed by foreign netizens, the machine uses iPad mini series molds, not a full-screen design, and still retains a large frame.

The non-full-screen design is not as good as the full-screen design in terms of visual experience and control experience, but it is understandable to save costs.

In addition, in order to further save costs, the iPad SE is only equipped with a single camera, which can be used for scanning codes and simple shooting.

For most tablet users, shooting is not a particularly important requirement, so this part of the performance castration will not cause much user experience decline.

Currently, only the design of the iPad SE has been exposed on the Internet, and the specific screen size and hardware parameters have not yet been announced.


However, from the perspective of positioning, it should be lower than iPad mini and iPad 2020, and the configuration will not be too high. The processor may use A14 or A13 processor, and the price is expected to be less than CNY2,000.

At present, most of the main products of Android tablet manufacturers are at a price of around CNY2000, so the listing of iPad SE may pose a greater threat to Chinese Android tablet manufacturers.

In terms of product experience and user needs, the iPad SE does not actually have too obvious advantages in this price range, especially in the audio-visual experience part, the iPad SE may not provide a higher configuration of speakers and screens.

However, with better heat dissipation than the iPhone, iPad SE has the opportunity to give full play to the full performance of the A-series processors and may be able to provide users with a better gaming experience.

Thinking from a positive perspective, Apple’s participation in the tablet market melee in the price range of around 2,000 yuan is also conducive to market competition, prompting domestic manufacturers to accelerate innovation and launch more differentiated tablet products.