Another meat day for Carol!

Josh’s Grill

Every main course will give a Soft Bun for free, it’s soft and I like it.

Onion Rings

It’s okay to eat when it’s hot, but it will get too greasy when it’s cooling down.

Char-Grill Chicken Chop

The chicken chop is quite big, quite satisfactory, but there is no amazing taste hahaha.

Lamp Ribs W Bbq sauce

I ate for the first bite and fell in love with it. But after a few more bites, it’s so greasy. It can be described as juicy. I don’t like it very much.


It’s OK, the meat is good. The side dishes are really generous. Oh my god!

It’s okay to have it for lunch at work.

Attach the address📍 313 Orchard Rd, #B2-15 to 19, 313@somerset 238895