Apple Spring Event Official Live Stream: Check out all you want to know here!

In March, the majority of netizens anxiously waited for the opening of Apple’s spring event, and then the news of the June event came out. But recently Apple officially confirmed the news of the spring event, which will be held at 1 am on the 21st of this month.

The launch event live stream will be available on this website:


The spring event has always focused on introducing iOS and Mac OS systems, but 5 products will be released this year, including iPad, AirTag, Macbook Pro14, and the most anticipated iPhone SE3. The system will be updated with iOS 15.


Upgraded iPad Pro 2021


This is one of the top three products in this spring event. The appearance has not changed much compared with the past, but the upgrade of the internal configuration will be unprecedented. The new iPad will be equipped with the A14X chip, which you can understand as a weakened version of M1 that has extremely strong single-core performance and GPU performance capabilities. Another big selling point is mini-led, one of the most advanced screen materials at present, which has the characteristics of fast response, fine color, and adaptive high number brushing.

Newly coming AirTag


The news of launching AirTag has been released a few years ago. The reason why Apple is hiding it is mainly because of practicality. AirTag looks like a small circle with Apple’s LOGO drawn in the middle. Because of its built-in GPS sensor, its main function is to prevent items from being lost, and its use method is a combination of traditional pasting and magnetic attraction. According to Apple’s usual style, even if this product has a single function, the price will be relatively high. After all, Apple is a company that can sell mobile phone cases for $60.

The new iOS 15 system


The only software product in this event has no appearance changes compared to iOS14, and some people say that it will return to the quasi-materialized design. In terms of function, it will follow the pace of Android and support the screen display function limited to OLED material, including weather, clock, and custom missions. In order to keep up with the ecological unification, the layout of the drop-down menu will also adopt a style similar to BigSur. And the reason why it only supports OLED material is naturally to allow old users to replace the new iPhone.

Highly upgraded MacBook Pro 14-inch


For Mac users, the 14-inch Macbook Pro is the most anticipated product. There are three main reasons. First, Apple’s current mold has been used for several years, and the new Mac must have a new design language. The second is the upgrade of the 14-inch screen size, there will be a larger screen-to-body ratio. Thirdly, the new Mac will first release a stronger M1X or M2 chip, with more cores and threads, and performance can be doubled.

iPhone SE3 that eagerly anticipated by Apple fans


The product with the highest popularity and also the lowest release probability. As Apple’s mid-range model, iPhone SE has a good price while ensuring performance. It is a pit model for many Apple users. If there will be an iPhone SE3 in this release, the configuration will use the A14 processor to support the 5G, the screen material will still be LCD, and the resolution will be increased to 1080P. The possibility of using a single camera is the greatest.