How do you think about Apple’s expensive Nano-texture polishing cloth?

According to news, this polishing cloth has been sold out worldwide. Orders placed now need to be delivered after late November, and some even joked that “this is a piece of cloth that has been waiting for a long time.”

It is reported that the polishing cloth that Apple put on the shelf is made of non-abrasive materials, which can be applied to the screens of all Apple devices, including the Nano-texture glass panel that Apple previously configured on the Pro Display XDR.


According to Apple’s official information, the Nano-texture nano-texture glass panel has been specially processed during the production process. The nano-texture covered on its surface can make it have stronger anti-glare and anti-reflective properties than ordinary glass panels during use. It is quite helpful for professional image workers.

However, the precision and special treatment also makes it difficult to maintain the Nano-texture nano-texture glass panel. Apple has clearly told users that the Nano-texture nano-texture glass panel can only be wiped with the polishing cloth included in the package. This also shows that Apple has a high degree of confidence in the quality of the polishing cloth put on the shelf.

So what do you think of this polishing cloth that has been sold out at the speed of light? Welcome to discuss.