Apple Tips And Tricks: How to add co-owner to the Apple Card

As we all know, the Apple Card‌ can make couples co-own a single ‌‌Apple Card‌‌, allowing them to build their credit score together. The process is similar to sharing an ‌Apple Card‌ with your teenager or friend but requires that you share your spouse’s annual income.


As the co-owners, remember that the both of you share responsibility for all account activity, including the payment of balances.

The process for sharing an ‌‌Apple Card‌‌ with a significant other is enabled on iPhones running iOS 14.6 or later and requires that you are in the same iCloud Family as the person you wish to co-own the ‌Apple Card‌ with.

The following steps guide you through the process of adding a co-owner to your ‌Apple Card‌.

1.Launch the Wallet app on your iPhone.
2.Tap your Apple Card.
3.Then, just tap the black ellipsis button in the top-right corner of the screen.


4.Under “People,” tap Share My Card.

5.Tap Continue and choose a person from your Family Sharing group.

6.Tap Become Co-Owners.

7.Input your estimated annual income then tap Next. And, tap Send Invitation.